We offer "Finisher" for all ages.

Basic skill is the most valuable asset for the top athletes. We designed 6 sessions program called "Finisher". Re-evaluate running posture, kick angle, dribble and more...

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Winter Futsal 2020 U15

2020 Spring Competitive

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We re-evaluate the basic

We offer six re-evaluate basic skill sessions for Brains players. We strongly believed the basic skill is the closest way to improve kid's soccer skills rapidly.

6 sessions

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No matter what, keep the ball

Critical Thinking

We believe that the key to success is to train the players to "think". We provide the players with a modernized agenda to teach them how to critically "think" during practice or a game promptly.

Knowing the Meaning

Our 120 lesson plans are completely designed by our professional soccer player. We encourage the players to think about the meaning behind each practice not only physically, but mentally.

Latest Technology

Combined with the professional soccer method, we offer the latest technology to analyze the player's skill and ability. Visual training using computer monitors is the new way of stimulating the brains.

We Use Computer technology

Frame by frame Analysis

Watch Highlights

Watch Highlights

About the Honolulu Brains

Discover the newest method of soccer training using the latest technology founded by a professional athlete. Starting in 2019 Fall season.

Practice Date

Mon, Wed, Fri 4:30-6:00


Kapiolani Park

Near the ocean side tennis court

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