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Why we started

A common question from parents is

How to improve my son’s soccer skill?
 “How to kick the ball stronger?”.

Unfortunately, no one has given them a clear answer for a long time. I was also one of them. We observed the difference between skilled players and our kids, and we realized that they missed the basic skills. Many soccer parents do not realize there are two different soccer practices. One is team practice, another is an individual practice. When they join the team, they expect their kids’ individual skills will be improved. The answer is less likely. Because the purpose of the team practice is for the team to win the game. I noticed that there are two different practices for soccer; team practice and individual practice. We were misunderstanding the nature of this purpose for a long time.


We are a hybrid team

Do you want to join U16 Team? Join us. We do traditional practice + Develop individual skills. If you already joined a team but want to improve your individual skills, join our individual session.


Team practice


Develop individual skills


Focus on individual skills
(open to all)

Honolulu Brains

U16 Boys (2005-2006)

Practice location: Kapiolani Park (near the ocean side tennis court)
Monday, Wednesday and Friday 4:00-6:00 PM
Rainy day: Training in ZOOM 


We offer the individual practice program via ZOOM (online) to improve your skills. Check the video you will see the mind-blowing result.

Brains Summer Schecule Timeline

This year, we are not sure when does the park reopen. Maintain players body by training daily via ZOOM.

June 1 and 2

Honolulu Brains Open House  (Online)

4:00-6:00 PM

June 1

Honolulu Brains Practice Starts

Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Brains practice)
4:00-6:00 PM

Pre-Basic Session (Open to all)
Tuesday, Thursday (Online)
4:00-6:00 PM
(Click here for schedule)

July 1

Honolulu Brains on the field

We will start practicing @Kapiolani Park 4:00-6:00PM

July 2

Formula Training Starts
(open to all)

Tuesday and Thursday 4:00-6:00PM (ZOOM)
(Click here for schedule)

August 1

Season starts

HYSA/MISO season (If there is)

Our coaches do not only teach the players but they will show you and do it together. Interaction and a strong bond between the coach and a player are essential to improve and enjoy soccer. It is a great opportunity to let your children see and learn! We use the special training curriculum designed by Japanese professional.



The season starts August 1, 2020, till May 31, 2021

Annual fee: $1200 / season

This does not include a Uniform, Registration fee, and Game fee.


1. Check (no processing fee but Tax) $1200
2. Credit Card (Process fee + Tax) Monthly 10 installment. ($1200/10 months starts from August)

This year is a very unique situation, so Honolulu Brains offers June and July sessions (Tue/Thurs 4:00-6:00 ZOOM ) for free if you join now (Worth $320). The payment starts June. ($1200/12 months)

If you want to improve your individual skills, our ZOOM session is the perfect for you. During the quarantine due to the COVID-19, the park was closed, everybody stopped practicing. Honolulu Brains switched the outdoor practice to online ZOOM on 3/23.

After three months, we discovered their body figure had drastically changed. What our coaches did was the program for body conditioning and ball handlings we would not do during outdoor practices. 2 hours session for three months. As a result, their kicking power became twice as strong. Although they have not kicked the ball for over 3 months, every kid who participated in the ZOOM practices showed the result.

This was an unexpected result for us and now I can answer the most common question, “How to kick a ball stronger?”

You can check on the youtube for their improvement.

We have established the indoor ZOOM session since March 23, 2020. (Day 1 of COVID-19). We have never interrupted players away from the practice. It went very well. Check our Instagram.     @honolulubrains

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Practice location

Kapiolani Park
Near the ocean side tennis court
Honolulu, Hawaii


Instagram: @honolulubrains
Twitter: @honolulubrains
YouTube: @honolulubrins