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Honolulu Brains is Hawaii's new innovative youth soccer team since 2019. We believe anyone can become a good player if one follows the right method. Our practice revolves around the "0.3 sec moment" theory, which is the new approach used by professional soccer players.

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Fundamental skill is the key to success

Controlling the ball and quick passing are the basic skills for soccer. However, not many kids have these skills. We focused on practicing "basic skills" last season. As a result, they play dramatically improved their skills. We confirmed how critical basic skills are.

Dribbling Technique

Dribbling is one of the fundamental skills of soccer. Without good ball-handling, kids cannot control the ball well. Unfortunately, many kids do not have this basic skill.

Passing Technique

The best soccer players are often the best passers. Players in all positions should improve this important skill. Passing accurately and quickly requires proper training.

Think Logically

Balance can be seen in every part of this world. When a player leans to the left, the leg supports and shift the balance to the right. It is a very simple mechanism. When players understand how bodyweights work, a player can move with a stable balance to trick an opponent without effort.

Train as Soccer Body

We designed a special soccer performance conditioning for ZOOM session. This soccer specific workout will increase your lower-body strength and power, and improve kids' sprint speed and agility. Actually, now is good opportunity to do this workout since the field is closed.


0.3 sec moment theory

Pre-Basic Program (Indoor)

To the next level

This training will improve players fundation skills dramatically.
Fundamental Skills

We believe basic is the most important component however most of the players tend to ignore it. Power, speed, and agility are fundamental skills players need to excel in soccer.

We designed a pre-basic program focused on various cardio and ball handling drills to boost players to the next level.

Rain or Shine

This season is a unique situation for all of us. Brains have established an online method of the training program to ensure players will keep on practicing. We will conduct this practice online on rainy days or emergency park closure.


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