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Does your child have Basic Skills?

  A common question from parents is
“How to improve my son or daughter’s soccer skill?” “How to kick the ball stronger?”.
Unfortunately, no one has given them a clear answer for a long time. I was also one of them. We observed the difference between skilled players and our kids, and we realized that they missed the basic skills. These skills are necessary to have BEFORE starting any athletic sports. Does your child have the basic skills?


Poor posture,
Poor Performance

Balance and coordination are abilities to maintain a controlled body position. These are natural skills that is obtained by the time of 12 years old also known as the "Golden age". However video game prevents it overtime. Poor posture while gaming is biomechanically inefficient and can lead to poor performance, increasing fatigue and the potential for injury during activity.


Fix poor posture

If your children are over 12 years old and they don't improve athletic skills, check their posture in the daily life. Poor posture can lead to their poor performance for any kind of sports. The key to fixing poor posture is strengthening and stretching the muscles in the upper body and core. We are here for help to re-train their natural basic skills.

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